Ear Candling How To

Here are the basic steps on how to use safely and properly use ear candles. Ear candling is easy and great for relaxation.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • High quality ear candles
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Bowl or glass of water
  • A paper plate or foil pie plate
  • A towel

Step 1 – Grab a small plate and make a hole in the center just large enough for the candle to fit. Sites like wikiHow recommend “a piece of tin foil or a tin pan”. Tinfoil is not necessary … a simple paper plate is all you need with a properly constructed ear candle. Insert the candle through the hole until the plate is well below four inches from the narrow end of the candle.
lighting ear candle
Step 2 – For best results, lay down on your side unless you are physically unable to lay down. If someone is there to help you, you can sit anywhere you are comfortable. Be mindful of smoke alarms though as a candle will smoke a little bit when you first light it. If you’re on your own, rest your head on a cushion while facing a mirror. Put a small towel around your head and shoulders. Depending on the quality of the ear candles you are using and how it’s made, you may or may not find that the candle drips.
Step 3 – Always light the wide end of the ear candle before putting it in your ear. The smoke will disappear in about 43 seconds.  Be patient.  There is no need to use another ear candle.

Step 4 – Position the narrow end of the candle gently into your ear, holding the candle below the plate. Keep the candle in a vertically upright position and allow the ear candle to follow the angle of your ear canal. You may need to tip the candle this way or that way to get it positioned correctly and comfortably. You may also hear a small crackling or rustling sound.

saida-2-smallStep 5 – Ideally, do NOT remove the ear candle from the ear until the candle burns down to about four inches.  Doing so stops the therapeutic process that is occurring. Depending on the quality of the candle, you may find that you periodically need to cut the ash off the end of the candle or that the opening of the candle gets obstructed. A properly constructed ear candle will not get blocked at its tip or need the ash removed.
Step 6 – Extinguish the ear candle into the bowl or glass of water. Make sure the ear candle is completely out before disposing of it.

Step 7 – Repeat these ear candling instructions for the other ear.

Note: Some people recommend trimming the end of the candle to make the opening larger so it fills the ear canal. Do not do that unless there is a patented safety tip in the candle to protect you from hot wax dripping into the ear. You could be putting yourself at risk by doing so. There is actually no reason to trim anything with a properly made ear candle.


  • Play some relaxing music while ear candling
  • Allow yourself the time to be pampered and enjoy

Disclaimer: Ear candles do not remove earwax contrary to popular belief.