Harmony’s Lavender Spa Gift Set


Give the gift of sleep and relaxation. Enjoy a bath or foot soak with OSI Magnesium Bath Flakes. Do you or your loved ones suffer from sore muscles or cramps? For any achy muscles spray the Magnesium Oil directly onto the areas and massage the area gently while soaking. Harmony’s Ear Candles encourage relaxation and allow the body to recover and recharge. Diffuse Harmony’s Lavender Essential Oil for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Harmonys Lavender Spa Gift Set includes:

7oz Magnesium Bath Flakes
3.38oz Magnesium Oil
2-Pack Lavender Ear Candles
0.5oz Lavender Essential Oil

Additional information

Weight 17 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 3 × 14 in