Ear Candling – Questions, Answers, Applications

By: GREG WEBB R.M.T. Ear Candle Manufacturer and leading authority on the internal bodily effects of Ear Candling. In practice since 1992

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What is Ear Candling?

Ear candling is a centuries old method of bringing an enhanced state of health to the ear, nose, throat and sinus area.

Is it Easy to Do?

Yes! By following basic simple instructions, or taking a class, Ear Candles can be safely and easily applied providing a pleasant experience for all. As with learning any new thing, a little nervousness at first is normal, but soon overcome after a couple of sessions.

What Does it Help With?

Ear Candling has a very consistent track record of success. Helping people with the following problems: sinus congestion, colds, the flu, sore throats, ear aches, ear infections, sinus infections, lymphatic congestion, swollen glands, snoring, balance and equilibrium, allergy symptoms, hearing difficulties (most forms), pain or pressure when flying, scuba diving or other elevation change discomfort. That is only the beginning of the list of benefits!

How Does Ear Candling Accomplish All of This?

With the ear candle inserted into to the ear, the heat from the flame creates a stimulating, soothing, warming effect to the tissues in and around the ear. The mechanics of this process are partly physical and partly energetic in nature. The result is a stimulation of lymphatic drainage in the entire head and neck region. The Eustachian tubes open and relax allowing improved drainage and pressure equalization. The sinuses are triggered to start draining. The body’s disease fighting immune response is greatly enhanced in strength. This means quicker recovery and a decrease in symptom severity from many illnesses. The acupuncture meridian system is brought into a state of enhanced balance. The body’s other subtle energy systems (chakras and body aura) are dramatically enhanced in strength.

Even the glandular system and emotional states are brought to harmony by the beam of warm energy projected from the tip of the candle. In essence, Ear Candling strengthens the bodily systems, which help make up our day-to-day sense of well being. A very effective health-building tool!

Treatment Frequency?

The answer to this question comes from the author’s experience with hundreds of clients. It depends upon what your initial complaint is and how long it has bothered you. The common denominator is that the real power of ear candling comes from repeat treatments. Each additional treatment brings your body to a higher state of well being which after several sessions typically leaves you with an improved state of over all health.

Long term (few months to years) symptoms are usually best treated with 4-6 sessions of 2-4 ear candles per ear over a 6 week period, followed by several monthly treatments until the desired level of symptom relief has been reached. Short term (recent colds, infections etc.) symptoms. These are most effectively treated by daily treatment of 2-4 ear candles per ear for a few days followed by 2-3 weekly treatments. Rapid symptom relief is usually achieved. A maintenance schedule of 3-4 treatments a year does wonders to keep a person healthy.

Ear Candle Residue

The residue inside of any ear candle is mostly from the ear candle itself, the powder and wax being remnants of the burning process. In someway reflective of changes which have occurred but not a 100% direct physical material transfer from ear to candle. Greg’s guidelines, 95% or more of ear candle residue is from the ear candle and 95% or more of the benefits from ear candling are to internal body systems and have very little to do with what ends up inside of the ear candle. Interesting to look at, hard to interpret, and a small reflection of the total benefits of the ear candling process!