What Makes a Great Ear Candle


Image Courtesy of Jili Hamilton

All ear candles are not created equal. There is a wide variety of candles on the market place that we will explore on this page. Every ear candle manufacturer claims that their ear candles are the best. That is why, we as consumers, need to educate ourselves.

Here are some things to think about when shopping for ear candles. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid will help you enjoy ear candling that is safe and relaxing.

  • Is the Ear Candle Handcrafted or Made by Machine? If you had a choice to get an ear candle made by a person or a machine, which would you choose? So many people have already lost their jobs to machines. Let’s vote with our wallets and only support manufacturers who create jobs in the marketplace, giving people the ability to provide for their families. Manufacturers like Regal Labs, Harmony Cone, and Wanda’s Candles make handcrafted ear candles.
  • What materials are used in the Ear Candle? Is the cotton used non-GMO? While we know how toxic GMOs are to our health, what about the cotton used to make ear candles? Did you know that more than 50% of cotton seeds have been genetically modified? Imagine burning a candle close to your face that is laden with chemicals and pesticides? I don’t know about you but I rather play it safe and opt for non-GMO whenever possible. Ear candles are no exception. I would look for ear candles that use organic cotton cloth. Better yet, look for ear candles that use certified organic cotton. Read an article about genetically modified cotton.
  • Is there a Burnline Safety Label? While you can mark your candle at the four-inch mark so you know when to call it quits, why not keep things easy and look for ear candles that have a burnline label like Harmony Cone, Biosun, and Otosan.
  • How much Cloth is Used to Make the Candle? The more cloth is used the longer the candle burns and the sturdier it is. Enjoy peace of mind and a safer and more effective ear candling experience.
  • Does the Candle have a Saftey Tip? Wax is the last thing you want in your ear. Play it safe and look for candles that have a proper safety tip inside them. That helps avoid clogging and wax dripping.

A Closer Look at Safety Tips

Manufacturers of ear candles will all agree that ear candles drip yet many of them still don’t have safety tips inside of their ear candles. Sadly, the USA doesn’t require safety tips like they do in Australia, Brazil, and Europe. The image below shows you various safety tips commonly found in ear candles made overseas. How can any of these tips protect consumers from hot wax dripping into the ear? They can’t! Hot wax would drip right through the supposed “safety” tip!

Now look to the right. That is the patented safety tip used by Harmony Cone Ear Candles. Their safety tip not only protects consumers from dripping wax but increases the vortex occurring inside of the candle.

In a double blind test, Dr. Harmony used ear candles on about 200 people. Harmony candled one ear with the safety tip and one without the tip without the person knowing which was which. Interestingly enough, when asked, 100% of the people preferred the side which had the ear candle with the safety tip! Why? They simply felt better. It had nothing to do with what was inside the ear candle. At the end of the day, isn’t how your body feels way more important that the debris found inside an ear candle?


Image Courtesy of Jili Hamilton


What’s Inside Ear Candles

People love to open ear candles after an ear candling session to see what’s in the candle. ALL of the debris comes from the ear candle itself NOT from the human body. If you compare ear candles, you will find that the debris found in Harmony Cone Ear Candles is minimal compared to other manufacturers. That is because of the food-grade wax they use and the stronger vortex inside their candle which burns off the residue of the candle itself.

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