Why Organic Cotton


When choosing an ear candle, it makes sense to understand the importance of the supply chain. Since all ear candles are made out of some form of cotton cloth, it seems extremely relevant to choose a manufacturer that is using an organic, sustainable supply of cotton.

A Look at Appachi Cotton

Appachi Cotton is a social responsible company that has been in one family for three generations to grow cotton the eco-logic way. It brings farmers together, encouraging them to grow traditional varieties of cotton and helping them convert from growing genetically modified cotton to environmentally-friendly organic cotton. This has a huge impact in many ways. It eliminates the harmful pesticides and insecticides used to grow cotton which helps stop and reverse the damage to water resources and the animal life in the region. Farmers are also educated in scientific methods of growing sustainable and high quality-cotton. Now that is what I call a win win. Cotton that is good for the earth, the wildlife, the farmer’s, consumers…


Why Is It Important to Use Organic Cotton?

Because cotton seeds are the #1 genetically modified product in the world! Almost half of cotton grown in the world have been genetically modified to resist pests and pesticides1.

Since India is one of the largest producers of cotton in the world, we have seen the devastating results that genetically modified cotton has had in Indian agriculture resulting in the suicide of 250,000 Indian farmers in the last decade alone2. Dr. Vandana Shiva in a study shows how GM cotton has lead to Indian farmers suicide and soil infertility by killing useful microorganisms in the soil. It is so important to remember and know that Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers – Consumers should be aware that cottonseed oil is extracted from cotton plant seeds and is found in many of the foods we consume.

Since manufacturers of ear candles are manufacturing an item that is healing, wholesome and relaxing, it just seems LOGICAL that they would choose a raw material that would be healing and sustainable for Mother Earth, humanity and animals.

We believe that any manufacture of any type of holistic products should get all of their raw materials from a sustainable, organic source, whenever it is available. This is why we believe that all ear candles should be using Certified Organic Cotton to make their ear candles … and in the process, help support and heal the world we live in for our children and future generations.

The secondary issue which seems just as important is that smoke coming from ear candles and pouring into the ear canal could be laden with GMO side effects which are unknown at this time!

Who wants GMO smoke flowing into their body? What about your ear canal which is close to your brain? Who knows what the health consequences could or could not be. What kind of cotton do YOU want in your ear?

Let’s not wait to find out. No one wants to get brain cancer and then find out it was linked to GMO-laden smoke. Once again, education is power – Choose wisely and create health! When it comes to ear candling, why not use a company that uses a sustainable, fair trade, organic cotton? Manufacturers like Harmony Cone do!


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